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We are a Real Estate Investment, Consultancy, and Development Company in Nigeria. Our expertise includes strategic acquisition and sale of small, medium and large scale retail, residential and corporate properties. We provide retail, residential, corporate property and consulting services. We make real estate investments accessible to everyone in a way that is simple, secure and profitable. We achieve this by practicing excellence, continually innovating, conducting business with integrity and always putting our customers first. With our choice plots of land in the rapidly-developing Lekki and Ibeju-Lekki axis, you have the license and the land you need to build practically anything you can dream of within stipulated regulations. There is no simpler way we can put it than that. Truly, with us, the extent of your dream is the only limitation. We provide you with premium land offerings in the Lekki and Ibeju-Lekki axis, the most rapidly-developing and thus, sought-after axis in Lagos State. Our edge is the ‘packaged’ service we provide. Through our responsive website our clients can acquire their choice property, lease it to others or resale with less hassle. Hence, making Real Estate acquisition for all easy and simple.

Who We Are

We provide retail, residential, corporate property and consulting services

Simpli Mi Homes has it’s roots in the design and building of high-end residential property.

Our main goal is to deliver incredible value to our customers. This is why we offer services that go beyond the actual transaction of sale. While this remains at the heart of what we do, today, we have expanded our core competencies, transferring the same focus on quality to complementary offerings along six primary specialties:

  • Property Brokerage
  • Property Valuation
  • Affordable Housing
  • Luxury Housing
  • Real Estate Advisory
  • Facility and Property Management

At Simpli Mi Homes, We are poised to make your dream homes and property investment a seamless reality. Utmost care, professionalism and integrity is our pride.


Our Vision

Home Ownership on a global scale for all is our drive

Mission statement

To make real estate acquisition for all easy and simple

Building a property for sale

We know that, with the sizeable investment involved in this type of transaction…

Personalized Service

If you’re buying a home, we will help you identify the properties that match your needs…

Best Real Estate Experts

We understand the intricacies and challenges that come with buying or selling of properties…


We eliminate any form of contact between our clients and omo Onile both before and after sales.


We are poised to make your dream homes and property investment a seamless reality...



Founder and CEO, Edna is a seasoned entrepreneur with over a decade’s construction experience in Nigeria. She has served on the boards of several companies and has vast experience in all matters relating to turnkey Real Estate Consultancy.

Our Core Values

Our main goal is to Deliver Incredible Value to all our esteemed Customers...


You can leverage on our real estate network system today…

With our Real Estate Network System, you leverage on your network and our MasterClass training to build your own agency by leveraging on specially chosen Properties to earn up to 15% Commissions by simply Connecting your clients to take advantage of our high in demand Landed properties in highly valued locations. Why not become one of our Consultants today? We are always here for you!

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Our main goal is to Deliver Incredible Value to our customers...

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